Monday, June 27, 2011

Greece Updates

Some more concepts for my Greek terrain, the "map" is a quick visualization of roughly where I want the terrain types so don't take any note of the particular fields or roads or anything like that. The other two are concepts I did based on some Greek rally vids. That S curve will probably be narrower and looser, in general I want to do more narrow roads than Desert Trails, wide roads are fun but don't get the same level of fear or tension

After doing the 60x60m mockup terrain I learned some valuable lessons, with those in mind I plan on making rally the main focus of the terrain, probably doing another Greek terrain later on based around trails/crawling. It just wasn't viable to have them both together due to the terrain mesh detail/space requirements of both types of driving. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Concept Art and Greece

Some more concept art for my Greek terrain, still a little unsure of the ground type, hence the variation below. I'm quite excited about this map though, it should be really fun to make and drive on.

You can also see a video of the first concept on youtube, it runs for about a minute (about 30 minutes in real time).

While working on sorting out my ideas for my Greek terrain I decided to stress test the rocks I've got to make sure that they would work on the scale I wanted (collision objects that is). This test evolved into a mock-up of the Greek terrain I had in mind which you can now get on the Rigs of Rods forums (and shortly the official repo).

Tatra by Lifter

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New RoR Terrain

I'm still playing around with ideas for my next rigs of Rods terrain, originally I wanted to do a full rock crawling map, but now I'm not so sure, the idea of doing a proper rally terrain sounds like an even better idea If I do the last option it'll definitely still contain some rock-crawling stuff though.

I like the look of this concept, could be nice with a winding dirt road and maybe some villages and farms.

Based on Greece/Spain so far. Anyhow, here's some concept sketches:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zombie Survivors Finished - Step by Step

This has been a challenging and interesting painting for sure.


Step one was a rough sketch of all the figures and the poses they would be in. I had to name everyone at this point too because it was getting really hard to remember who was who. Once I was sure I could actually fit everyone in I moved on to the next step.


Step two involved blocking everyone in quite roughly, but getting the colours/forms accurate. This was the hardest stage but also one of the most fun ones.


At this stage I went in and painted everyone properly, adding details to the faces and fixing anything I missed previously. I began thinking a lot more about the composition and relation between everyone here.


The final step involved finishing up the characters by adding in some extra shadows, cleaning up some faces and all the minor stuff, but also doing the foreground and background which added immensely to the overall painting. Final image below:

This was the first time I'd done this sort of painting before, so the process was a bit experimental but it worked out well.